KCC i-Deck

Heavy Abrasion Resistant Coating

KCC i-Deck is a certified solvent free, high flexible polyurethane resin trafficable deck coating system. A versatile system designed specifically to protect concrete substrate that is subjected to heavy abrasion and vehicular traffic like car park decks. The i-Deck system all include a hard wearing, chemical, water, crack and skid resistant finish thus minimizing accident risks due to skidding. The function of the systems extends beyond protection to the practical considerations of differentiation of parking bays, traffic lanes and pedestrian walkways. Varying deck surfaces through the use of colors and light-reflective coatings improve the visibility and the aesthetics of the car park. Thereby creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

KCC i-Krete

Food & Beverage Hygienic Flooring

KCC i-Krete is a highly durable polyurethane resin flooring screed specially formulated to meet the most demanding performance to withstand heavy duty abuse of flooring associated to the food & beverage manufacturing and processing facilities. i-Krete is formulated with added anti-microbial properties and produce from renewable raw materials with zero VOCs. When fully cured, it forms a very tough seamless surface with exceptional thermal shock resistance, high chemical, impact, abrasion, and skid resistance.

Tested and certified by TUV SUB PSB Singapore :JIS Z 2801:2000 Anti Microbial and SIRIM QAS:BS 6920:Part 1:2000(Suitability of Non-metallic Product for use in Contact with Water Intended for Human Consumption).


Epoxy System

Korepox H20 is a seamless, water borne, solvent-less epoxy enamel coating system, that is permeable to water vapour. It has a smooth and seamless surface, is easy to maintain in hygienic conditions and is attractive in appearance. Designed as a surface protection covering for industrial with medium vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Typical System:

  • 1 primer coat Aquapox EP 101 (50 microns)
  • 2 finish coats Korepox H2O (200 microns)

Korepox 5635 is a 2-3 mm self-leveling solvent-less high grade epoxy resin compound when fully cured, provides a tough and smooth floor surface with high abrasion, load, chemical and water resistance. Widely used for automotive, production clean room, healthcare and aeronautical industry.


Sport Floor

“SPORTHANE” is the high molecule polyurethane floor system designed in aspect of sports mechanism and human engineering. It is an all-weather elastic floor compound which gives optimal results for sports. It is recommended for various sport facilities such as track, gymnasium, tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton court and playground.